Hey you, here's the deal!-
I promised myself I would make more time for my own creative work! However I need a little bit of help -from YOU!!! 
Take a look at the Creative Briefs below, and if you think you might be interested, please apply to model! If  you know someone perfect, please encourage them!
- Please read what is needed carefully, I am happy to negotiate somewhat to make the idea more suitable to you.
-As ALWAYS, I am LGBTQIA+ & SW'er Inclusive and encouraging!! I am Inclusive of ANYONE from any walk of life and experience, and PLEASE, if you are Neuro-spicy like I am, please do get involved, I will work with you all and be flexible. I just love people! (looking at you too, anxious beans)
-Some of the Creative Briefs below can only be achieved when certain conditions are met. (eg Spring time, night-time etc) If you are excited to plan ahead, please apply!​​​​​​​
-We may be in public for some of these, in front of other people. I will do my best to make you feel very comfortable, we will meet at least once so we are used to each other too (a drink on me at the very least !) Please do not apply for the more public ideas if you don't think you could do it. 
-Don't forget, as with all my shoots, that you may bring hype crew friend/s with you
- There will be a charge to cover all my basic costs, with very little, if at all profit. (As Photography is my main income, I hope that you can understand that there are more costs than just a wee lass with her camera) 
-The more that is required of you, the less the Creative Brief will cost. I would love for this list to act as fuel for creative passion for us both! Lets thrive and make something impactful! 
-I would like to be able to film some social media content where possible/appropriate. Please do not apply if this isn't okay. I am 100% down to make any posts on Instagram collaborative ones. :) 
-You will have full rights to the high res final images with no watermarks and may use them however you wish. Credit would be appreciated.
-There may be delays at some stages of these shoots. Eg. I might not be able to shoot for a few weeks, or editing may be slightly longer than usual depending on demand/time of year. Please do not apply if you are needing a speedy service, please book a normal package instead. 
-I will add more to this list as I think of them, if you see it below, it's available!
-I sadly cannot offer my payment plans on these Creative Briefs
Ps. Pretty PLEASE do not be upset if I decline your application, for some of these Briefs, I am seeking something very specific. I promise to be as fair and inclusive as possible. Cross my heart and a pinky swear.
Much Gratitude for looking here xo
Sound good? 

Please view the Creative Briefs below
(can give more information when applying)

Inspiration for Escalator Street Shoot

(not my image)

Escalator Street Shoot
This one requires a cohesive outfit/look, I don't mind what aesthetic though. The image on the right is an example of a pose I have in mind (not my image). I would like to play with different poses. 
This brief will be open to 1 single/couple
Photos Received - Up to 10
Time - Up to 30 minutes
Fee - $150

Jacaranda Fashion Shoot (Unley Park
(November Only)
This shoot can only happen when the Jacaranda's are flowering and falling. Usually towards the end of November. Aesthetic optional, but please be cohesive. I will get excited for a long flowy dress and anyone who can pose in a dancer-y way.
This brief will be open to 1 single/couple
Photos Received - Up to 20
Time - 30 minutes - 1 hour
Fee - $200

An Example of the Mer-people tails I have for use

So, I have some high res photos of mermaid tails that I REALLLLLLY wanna slap on someone in Photoshop, you will need to be able to bring the mermaid aesthetic from the waist up, I do not mind how you do it, I have a few mermaid tail colors and shapes to choose from.
This brief will be open to 5-10 humans! (booked in separately)
I would like to do one in a dewy forest, and one lakeside.
I would like for 2 of them to be with a nude top & long hair (Gender does not matter here)
This one will require patience from you as this is a new skill I am working on
Photos Received - Up to 10
Time - 30 minutes - 1hr
Fee - $150

Okay, this one is pretty straight forward, you put on your very best cosplay outfit, find the perfect scene, and snap away! 
This brief will be open to 3-5 humans (booked in separately)
Photos Received - Up to 10
Time - Up to 30 minutes
Fee - $150

This is my image (YES - YOU can look this fabulous!)

Arcade Games!
Let's go have some colorful fun!!
Can wear anything that makes you happiest for this one! 
I am seeking one person/couple for this one
Photos received - Up to 20 
Time - Up to 30 minutes
Fee - $200

Body Shape Exploring
Do you like making fun and weird shapes with your body? Let's collab! I have sooo many ideas and themes!
This brief will be open until this creative itch is satisfied!
Photos Received - Up to 10
Time - Up to 1 hour
Fee - $150

Arial Yoga, Pole etc
Are you fluent in acrobatics? I would LOVE to shoot you! Pretty pleaseeee!
Photos Received - Up to 20
Time - Up to 1 hour
Fee - $100

Got a sexy bone in your body you like showing off? I am looking at you BDSM/Shibari fam! Let me work with you !!! 
(no nudity for these, I need them to be IG friendly)
Photos Received - Up to 20
Time - Up to 1 hour
Fee - $150
(if we want to shoot for longer, add $100 per hour)

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